Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ohhhh How I Hate The Indian Summer :x

down with loose motions and heavy bouts of barf: that's what summer gave me this morning. i got up like a dog having an epiphany, looked at mum who was just about to leave for work and ran to the bathroom. god, it's bad. i was supposed to go over to my friend's place today, but cancelled at the last moment. i've slept like a freakin' log for three hours after. and now, my head's spinning. terribly. i don't have the energy to walk around either. it sucks. summer sucks.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Old Shoes, Nittal's shoes, Mum's Jeans Pocket and...SURPRISE!

firstly, my shoes that i'd painted a while ago...i did a pink hued flower pattern on the shoes. this was the first time i was trying any unknown pattern so i'm pretty proud of what it looks like!

here they are[:D] :

secondly, mum's jeans pocket. used gold pigment and a binder to mix it:

thirdly, Nittal's shoes, done a while ago...we both did the base which looks a little off in the picture because of the flash, but it looked real good otherwise:

i know it's blurred, but i think you get the idea. :D i did the stars with silver pigment and binder.

....and fourthly...

I GOT MY NOSE PIERCED!!!! eeeep!!!!
i did, i did...see?
see that blue/silver thing on my nose? that's it! isn't it gorgeous! it fucking hurt for like 5 seconds during which i'd shut my eyes too hard, and ended up opening them with tears pouring out. it was bad for that period, but 'twas all good after. i think i broke mum's hand in the process too :P i'm obsessed with blue, so i got a silver ring with blue beads on it. i'm in looove!!

that's all i got for now! it's late too..

see y'all on the other side of today :)

night. and morning to anyone waking up. :D

Peace and Quiet.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tried To Post This Yeasterday, But Blogger Errored Me. :|

so hello there...again! i have absolutely no idea what day it is, but all i know is that my dearest Daddy left for Europe (via Athens>via Dubai>via Bangalore...sheesh) 2 nights ago. i miss him :( but hey, a month more, and hopefully, i'll be making my way through all the security barriers trying to sneak in and get a nice little nap *cough*good night's rest*cough* in the Colosseum. oh if only my sweet father knew the thoughts that run through his little darling's head; well, he'd have killed himself by now then, so thank God!

ok i got carried away. AGAIN.
sorry. back.

sooo yes. i've been busy! yes i have! well, sorta.

oh and before i forget, don't forget [teehee!] to head on over to all the giveaways i went crazy posting about earlier today. and try and check out their blogs too okay. don't be all selfish and "ooooh pretty! i want!" and head on over there just for the free stuff. be nice for once. :P even if the other person doesn't know about it.

yes. rant over.

okay, back to me being busy! yeah yeah, i actually have been...
i painted my shoes! they were these fake pair of "Converse" (do weird fake finger quotation mark here)

i've been wanting to paint them for a while now, and ever since i managed to do a good job on another pair earlier this year and on my friend Nittal's shoes (we did the body together, she tried doing the stars with me, but yes, failed.), i got super psyched when i found this messed up pair for cheap.
now i OBVIOUSLY forgot to click a pre-paint picture of the shoes, but once you look at the post paint, all you have to do is imagine the Converse logo on the ankle, but with the words "Ma Share" on it. :D

now, i'll post pics of all three pairs, but first the newest.

behold...the "Ma Share" shoes a la me (ignore me, Juno is playing on cable, and i'm all funked out with my speech).

okay, shoes, shoes.

used acrylic paint for these.

whaddya think??? putting up pix of the old shoes in the next post. and putting up a picture of the butterfly i did on mom's jeans pocket!

Peace & Quiet.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday+2 Somewhat Influential Movies=MAYHEM In My Head.

That does it. i had to blog right now. just finished watching He's Just Not That Into You again on cable T.V...not cool!!!!! and right before that, i watched The Curious Case Of Benjamin words *sigh*. i think i drowned in Brad's eyes, and nearly cried when he came back to Daisy...i mean, that just defined heartbreaking. but the worst was when he was dying. i think my mum cried...i nearly did, again. but ok, back to HJNTIY, its like a cursed signal from God to the desperate single girl (yeah, yeah, i admitted it. go deal with it by shoving your head in someone else's apartment or something). like, what, you just want to keep hating me from up there in your big, fluffy white sky and have me deal with your menopausal mind??? ok, sorry, but dude, God dude, you're making me do this! ok, hyperventilation over.

i don't care from now on. ok, i care, but i'm gonna try and not care too much. if he's not into me, he isn't, and its something he's gonna have to live with for the rest of his life. there. let it seem like he's the sufferer. :D

from now on, i'm not gonna make an extra effort to look better (rather to look even remotely good) while meeting a crush. i'm gonna go as miss. plain-jane-who-likes-her-nerdy-specs-and-weird-colours.

i'm gonna TRY and make conversation if there are awkward silences to fill. but, if there are awkward sinlences then that means we both are uncomfortable, which just means that it makes no sense hagning out. ok, i'm turning into Gigi. no more conversation thinking. i will speak about the first thing that comes to my mind, even if that means cucumbers.

now this one i might not be able to control, but...i'm gonna try and NOT think about a guy too much.

i think the above amends are enough to keep up with for now...

ok, so i don't think i'm gonna be able to keep even one of 'em.

oh well.

i'm zonked...night, all.
Peace and Quiet.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More, More, More. :D

HELLO HELLO HELLO!! being away this week seemed longer than usual...

so anyway, bad news. Esha and I aren't going ahead with FaG. no one really wants to help us with a promotional stall, so...that's that. it was awesome while it lasted, i guess. i'd made a few more bracelets and 2 chains for showing them though...which are now being distributed among ze friends :D i'l post the pix when i'm done ranting, so hold it.

turns out i gotta change my phone. like get them to gimme a new handpiece! oh damn my luck in electronics!!!

i managed to do slightly awkward front face portraits in the past training, no practice, i'm pretty proud of 'em, but i got no pix so...yeah.

...and, i don't know if i mentioned this in my last post, but i'm in make-up heaven!!!!! i got THE shade of lipstick for myself. i've been so obsessed with it, i told everyone! it's Chambor's Moisture Plus Lipstick in Maroon Plus. cost me a BOMB! and then i got a Maybelline eye pencil in pearly white and a maybelline Eye Shadow quartet in Chai Latte. it's got a dull gold, beige, brown and light beige shimmer.

i plan on trying to make photo albums by tomorrow...and i need to think of a design to cover up the "con star" on the high top of my fake dark blue converse :P i'm thinking orange, light blue, red, yellow and green. will post the pix when i do 'em!

now, the new bracelets and necklaces. :D

blue and light bluish green bracelet with sliver flower center bead

deep magenta bracelet with silver long bead in center

green, dark blue and red tri-colour bracelet

dark blue and deep magenta bracelet
i loooved this one.

one for the boys!
dark brown bracelet with brown beads in center

one more for the boys!
Rastafari colours (for a creepy reason its too popular in Mumbai)-red, green and yellow.

dark blue and black unisex chain

and finally... (i looooved this one too)
a white, black and light bluish green chain with silver pendant and wood beads on ends

i know i know...i'm OBSESSED with the french knitting! but i don't care...i'm gonna try making some more patterns in 'em.

until next time!

Peace and Quiet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pictures, Pictures!

basic update on what i was up to...and the two bracelets i made...

but fiiiiirst....

I COOKED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! complete meal, from scratch, on my own people! mwahahahah! i made Arabiatta pasta...if i may say, it was pretty kickass. :D
*ahem* I MADE THAT I MADE THAT I MADE THAT!!! :D i know it looks like a mess, but hey, i was in no mood to bother about presentation. also, if i did present it all posh, dad would've defo had an attack out of mere shock :P

okay, on to the bracelets.
the first one was a black and deep magenta (i am OBSESSED with the colour) one:

...and the second one was a blue and deep magenta (see?!?!) one:

i got a lil carried away setting it up and clicking pictures of this one :P

so that was last week. i've made 4 bracelets today for FaG. doing about 3-4 more, and 2 necklaces. all the pictures will be up tonite. i'll be putting up a picture of our logo as well! so excited! :D

Peace and Quiet. Until then.

Saturday, April 3, 2010



Excuse my highness (i'm obsessed with the pun), but i've been this way all day, and last night. Dad literally was banging his head against the wall to have me shut up (mwhahahahah!), since i started blabbering in an Australian accent at first during a match of Polish rummy, and later in a British accent, both of which i'm pretty good at, actually! i can do an American and slightly broken Italian and Spanish as well...either way, i wouldn't stop giggling either. man, it was hilarious! xD

anyway, it's been a slow week. Pop's place brings out the lazy in me. if only i had a laptop...(hint hint). so yeah. i didn't really make a lot of bracelets, just 2 for friends. i'll post the pix later.

...NOW, the drumrolls was because, my best friend Esha and I are starting our own thing-like a store!!!! :D it's called Farfetched and Grounded, and we'l be selling bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hairbands and diaries for starters. if we progress and grow, we'l be doing photo frames, specs straps, bag straps, anklets etc. it feels great to be able to sell something! oh and we're making paper bags, and we're sticking our logo with our phone numbers on it itself, to save paper from being wasted from visiting cards. oh and our logo...haha! for short, we're called FaG! :D so, Esha and I are the FaGers! we have a line too... be a FaGer! :P i was on a roll coming up with all that! we have stuff for both guys and girls, so there's no inequality. but, youngsters ONLY. so spread the word to all the Mumbai teens and your friends. location and other details will be put up here once everything's official, so keep watching this space for more!

Peace and Quiet.