Saturday, May 29, 2010


i have my reasons to be happy! firstly, sorry for the delay, but i was too lazy to click the pictures (Miss. P [procrastinator] lives on). anywhoo, guess what i got in the mail 2 days ago? :)

my leggings from Republic of Chic!!thank you once again, Ruhi and Faiza! :D

also, i FINALLY changed my nosering to a stud. i went a tad berserk trying to decide whether or not i should have a small star with a stone on it on my nose, or a plain stone. i finally decided the stone.

the guy had limited colours, well, limited EVERYTHING, so i just chose a black stone, since i'm not the biggest fan of the white stone. result:

and ok, only because this is the best i could do. no base make up. just messing around, trying to get it right. i obviously didn't =/ :
and final joyful reason: i'm getting my very own 120 eyeshadow palette!!! my uncle just ordered it from Amazon after he saw my long, obsessed Facebook status about wanting it. yayayayayayayay!!! i can't wait! :D

i'm out for the night. toodles :)

Peace and Quiet.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


fuck. fuck fuck fuck. please don't report abuse on this post but i can't believe it. 84.16% and the fucking icing on top of the very gorgeous cake: 99/100 in french. no way. me? it's just sinking in now,! :D

Hyperventilation At It's Horrible Best

Results will be out tomorrow...actually today in like 10 hours if you consider IST. ok, i guess i shouldn't have taken a peek at whether or not the server for the site where it'l be put up was refreshed or not. *hyperventilation doubled multiple times*. i don't want them. i really don't. i mean, all through my teen years, i've just heard "your 12th Boards are your defining scores. they will make or break your future". what if my results break my future? what if, all, ALL of my ambitions have to come crashing down because i didn't "feel" like studying the whole year? i cried for about 10 minutes while showering, cuz there were like these flashing images of random scores going on in my head. some over expected, some under. it's really hitting hard now. i have this big, humungous lump in my throat, shaky hands, a heavy chest, and an endless pit for a stomach. FACK! and the clock strking just makes it worse. it's like a timebomb. argh! i hate hate hate hate hate this.

good luck to me, i guess.

did i mention i don't want my results? ok i guess i did.

i'll leave you to your lives again, now, i guess.

G'night (and to the rest Mornin'/Afternoon/Evenin'!)

Peace and Quiet.

P.S: i'm gonna kill myself.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gruelling Awesomeness.

Maybe yesterday's freak out was for nothing. the writer in me is so, so back!!! and so obviously back, because i as usual crossed the word limit for the Workshop article. limit: 800 words. Me: 922 :D so now that i'm confident i'm okay with my writing, i think i'll be totally cool making some more jewellery. which reminds me that i have to make Hil's chain. gah! ok, i'll do that. i have an idea for a mickey mouse shaped ring! it just came randomly, so let's see how that turns out.

and today was ridiculous and awesome at the same time. i went all the way to churchgate in this bleesed heat, just to go to Xaviers' College. and what work did i have there? collect reading assignments. and how long did it take for me to collect them? approximately 30 seconds minus the waiting we did uselessly after which the ladies told us to go away cuz work done. so i spent about, what, 1 and a half hours travelling to the place, just for 30 seconds. cool, right? NOT! but it's ok, Nittal came along, cuz she wasn't sure if she wanted to enroll or not. turns out she didn't, but we went shopping after! i got 3 sunglasses, 1 pair of earrings, a scarf, 2 pairs of kolhapuri sandals, one necklace, a little purse and 5 pairs of clips. all in about 1,100 rupees! pretty awesome, i think.

i'll post pictures later. must shower. NOW. and of course mum yells. so adios :)

Peace and Quiet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

...And More Jewellery.

few more rings i made this past week, and a pin! the ideas just came flowing. of course, mom had a request for a flower shaped thing. she is so obsessed with anything flower shaped/with flowers on it! these new ones were a little more complicated than the previous ones. i posted the pics on my Facebook page, and a lot of people had a lot of nice things to say about them, which made my day :)

anywhoo, here's the jewellery!
"Budding" pin.

i screwed this one up...but still. this is a bronze Snake ring.

i love this. i thought it seems very fun!
"Bow-Tie" ring.

mommy's request :)
"Blue Blossom" ring.

"I See Flowers" ring.

i love this one too!
"Leafy" ring.

and finally, my new favourite!
"Gimme A Hand" ring.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aye Aye Aye.

i'm gonna freak out now. just warning you. i can't write. that's what i feel again, so i'm freaking out. and why am i freaking out, you ask? i'm freaking out (i wrote that so many time cuz i'm bored :D) because i have to write an 800 word article/essay, whatever you may call it, on my favourite movie for this Creative Writing workshop I'm going to when College starts again. now, i chose Little Women. i absolutely love the movie, and have watched it about 6 times till now (just got the DVD. Nero, here i come!) and everytime i watch it, i end up running like an ostrich and grab the laptop and start writing. however, that was the time when i never suffered from the writers block. hence, the freaking out. i actually think the whole writing thing might have just been a phase for me. i mean, i'm totally cool with 800 words. that's actually a decent sized articale for someone like me who ends up writing too much (over a 1000 words once :P) and has to down size it, and i can't downsize it cuz i hate deleting what i wrote.

but i just watched the movie, and somehow, i came up with NOTHING. nada. rien.

anyway, i'm pretty bummed, but i think i couldn't write was cuz there were too many distractions. seriously, the best thinking happens at night, and it's weird how we waste the time sleeping. so gonna watch it again tonight and just do this. i also think i couldn't write becuase i watched the movie with the INTENTION of writing afterwards. thought to ponder over.

anyway, i'm posting some more jewellery in a few minutes. :P


Peace and Quiet.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whirlwind. and Wired.

So the last few days have been...i have absolutely no idea. boy trouble never goes away, does it?? hmm..i guess not :| so anyway, i was pretty bored 3 days ago, and i wasn't at all interested in knitting. too much concentration, i felt. so, i spot wire left over from Koshy's bracelet. and i spot beads. *DING DING DING*!! the bell literally went off in my head :D. and of course i was hooked. not literally, but you get it. i've just been making rings from them since then. here's the 5 i've made till now:
my first try. the colours look a little bleh, but it's just the no flash thing. i know it's a bit of a mess. but i love it :D

take 2! a bigger and more twisty version of the first. i tried looping a little more here. i call this and the first one "Circus 1 and 2" :)the loop-de-loop. i love this part of the ring the most.

my favourite. i call this "Ray Of Light"! it took a lot more time than just messing around with the first two. it's about an inch and a half in diameter.
take two.

another complicated one! the square took a while to shape up once the beads were strung. note to self: shape before beading.i plan on calling this "Flower Pot"

this last one was for my friend Hileri. i still have to make her necklace :P i actually tried stringing in goldish hued red beads in the middle like i did with the blue ring, but the circles i did on this one were a little loose and woudln't hold the beads in place. otherwise, i planned on calling this "Darkness At The Horizon". better luck next time, i guess :)

i have a few more coming up. i'm planning on starting to sell these and my french knit items through word of mouth, just to start off.

update coming up soon! off to bed now! g'night! (to the others, Morning/Afternoon/ Evening!!)

Peace and Quiet.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Koshy's Snake Bracelet/Banglet :D

I'd told Koshy i'd make her a bracelet a while back, but i never really got to it :/ anyway, i'd been wanting to try a new technique of making the french knit stuff, by adding metal/wire/plastic/ANYTHING in between the twists so that the knit goes around the article and covers it. like a hairband, or a pen...anything. so i decided to do a twisty snake bracelet...or at least that's what it looks like to me. we (Koshy and i) called it a banglet :P so anyway, i was kinda confused in the beginning as to what colours to put, and whether or not to use wool. i finally decided to use the regular thread. made it with my favourite magenta (which you've seen so many times before! :D) and a faded orange mix, and put in dark leaf green at the ends with faded gold beads. i used copper wire in the middle. it seems pretty sturdy. now all we have to do is have the lady wear it! here's what it looks like:the first picture shows the exact colours.

Koshy, like it? :)

i'm done for the day, guys.

have a good night's rest (others, good morning/afternoon/evening!)

Peace and Quiet.

Mommy's Gifts

Mothers' Day for me and my mum was a pretty okay day. my mother, the ever-present Monica (from Friends)-ish person that she is, we of course went on to clean my room at dad's place. we've managed to finish 90% of it in about 5 days, which has now led to a shit load of garbage left in the living room. WHICH leaves me with this: VERY LITTLE STUFF! i mean, seriously! 2 and a half of the large cartons are books (did i mention i have too many? yeah, i do :/ ), and the rest 1 and a half is my Harry Potter collection, stationery, memoirs, paper cuttings, scrap books and a few of my childhood things.

ok, so anyway, i'd updated a few days ago that i'm making my mum some things for Mothers' Day...and i did. i ended up doing an anklet in a new design, a keychain, and i painted an old box she had for her to take and use as a stationery tray for her new office. i still used French Knit for the anklet and keychain, but a few tweaks. here are the pictures:
the anklet:i did the usual french knit, and then at one side i strung and looped these beads.

the keychain:this is where i tried wool for french knit. it's way easier to handle! the pink is all wool, the purple and green is a mix of embroidery thread and wool, and the other two are the usual threads i use for french knit.

the stationery tray:
this had to be tidied up. i thought i'd add some glazed effect with PVA glue, but it refused to dry, so i had to wipe it off and re-paint the thing. i used acrylic paints in Carmine and Bronze, and then added a final layer of binder on top so the colour wouldn't run. i then stuck on some brown wooden beads on the corners. the second picture actually shows the final colour of the tray.

i'm happy with all the final products :) she was too :D

one more post coming up before i hit the sack.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Realism, Mother's Day Idea.

i'm gonna learn to ignore nasty things from now. a lot of people in the world can be real pains, if you know what i mean. hah. guess they're too scared to get real.

anyway just thought i'd drop by with a quick good night...heading out to make Mom's Mother's Day present. i'm thinking key chain, since sh'e picky and will refuse anything i buy her. so what do i do then? i papier mache a box for her office and i make a keychain or two for her keys! i know it'l be enough to have her grin from ear to ear and crush me in my sleep with her hug and continually kiss me till i actually go "ma, can i please sleep?" ungrateful daughter that i am :P it's happened in the past, so it won't surprise me if it does this year too. she nearly cried when i bought her a mug with money borrowed from my aunt [i was in school. you aren't allowed to work here till you're at least 17-18]. then she went into her room and returned with the amount i' paid for it and said "you won't buy me anything until you earn". so since i'm not earning, i'm making! i just have to find a way to hide it from her :/

gotta go. back to my French Knitting. i've missed it :) i'm gonna experimant with wool for this one.

...and to all a good night! [people from elsewhere, goood mornin'/evening!]

Peace and Quiet.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i won the giveaway at Republic of Chic!! my first giveaway! i am so frickin' psyched! i won a pair of tie-dye ripped leggings, which, i'm gonna try to fit into, but hell i won!! yay!

i'm gonna be extra girly about this, i don't care if you mind :P

post on recent colaba haul in a while. i just finished clicking all the wonderful pictures while trying to figth with my camera to stay alive.

Peace and Quiet.