Saturday, January 28, 2012

The First Word

No. No love. No hate. No crime. No fate. No sex, drugs or rock ‘n’ roll. No prostitution. No corruption. No war. No terror. No rights. No freedom. No knowledge. No question. No value. No priorities. No family. No companion. No constitution. No annihilation. No bombs. No food. No dogs. No water. No admission. No affection. No PDA. No signs. No red light. No authority. No authorisation. No power. No permission. No cussing. No sexuality. No nudity. No music. No colour. No light. No darkness. No art. No ink. No life. No death. No in-between. No words. No actions. No movement. No scribbles. No blinking. No breathing. No living. No dying. No. Yes. Hell no. Honestly? No. No way in hell. Not over my dead body. Not a chance. Countless ways to say it, even though it’s the easiest of them all – NO.